AbstractCommandOptions - Class in org.plovr.cli
AbstractCommandOptions() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.AbstractCommandOptions
AbstractJsInput - Class in org.plovr
AbstractJsInput provides the default logic for extracting goog.provide() and goog.require() information.
AccessLevel - Enum in org.plovr.docgen
addBuiltInExtern(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
addDefine(String, JsonPrimitive) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
addExtern(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
addInput(File, String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
addInputByName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
addInstanceMethod(MethodDescriptor) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
addMethod(MethodDescriptor) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor.Builder
addParam(ParamDescriptor) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
addPath(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
addSoyFunctionPlugin(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
Adds a soy plugin module.
addStaticMethod(MethodDescriptor) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
addTestExcludePath(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
addValue(String, String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor.Builder
appendRootModuleInfo(Appendable, boolean, Function<String, String>) - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
areIndexPagesEnabled() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommandOptions


build() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
build() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
build() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor.Builder
build() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor.Builder
build() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
build() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor.Builder
build() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.TypeExpression.Builder
BuildCommand - Class in org.plovr.cli
BuildCommand() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.BuildCommand
BuildCommandOptions - Class in org.plovr.cli
BuildCommandOptions() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.BuildCommandOptions
builder(File, File, String) - Static method in class org.plovr.Config
builder(Config) - Static method in class org.plovr.Config
builder() - Static method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor
builder() - Static method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor
builder() - Static method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor
builder() - Static method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor
builder() - Static method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor
builder() - Static method in class org.plovr.docgen.TypeExpression
builder(File) - Static method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
builder(ModuleConfig) - Static method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
builderForTesting() - Static method in class org.plovr.Config
Create a builder that can be used for testing.


CHARSET - Static variable in class org.plovr.io.Settings
The Charset to use when doing I/O operations for which the user is currently unable to specify his own charset.
CheckedCoffeeScriptCompilerException - Exception in org.plovr
PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException is a CoffeeScript exception that can generate a JSError that can be displayed for the user.
CheckedCoffeeScriptCompilerException(PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException) - Constructor for exception org.plovr.CheckedCoffeeScriptCompilerException
CheckedSoySyntaxException - Exception in org.plovr
CheckedSoySyntaxException(SoySyntaxException) - Constructor for exception org.plovr.CheckedSoySyntaxException
CheckedSoySyntaxException(PlovrSoySyntaxException) - Constructor for exception org.plovr.CheckedSoySyntaxException
CircularDependencyException - Exception in org.plovr
ClassDescriptor - Class in org.plovr.docgen
ClassDescriptor.Builder - Class in org.plovr.docgen
clone(JsonObject) - Static method in class org.plovr.GsonUtil
CoffeeFile - Class in org.plovr
CoffeeFile represents a CoffeeScript source file on disk.
CoffeeScriptCompiler - Class in org.plovr
Adapted from JCoffeeScriptCompiler.java in https://github.com/yeungda/jcoffeescript.
CoffeeScriptCompilerException - Exception in org.plovr
An exception thrown by the CoffeeScript compiler.
CoffeeScriptCompilerException(String) - Constructor for exception org.plovr.CoffeeScriptCompilerException
Command - Enum in org.plovr.cli
Command is the list of commands that the plovr executable takes.
CommandRunner - Interface in org.plovr.cli
compare(JsInput, JsInput) - Method in class org.plovr.JsInputComparator
compareTo(Config) - Method in class org.plovr.Config
Configs are compared by their id so they can be sorted alphabetically.
Compilation - Class in org.plovr
Compilation represents a compilation performed by the Closure Compiler.
CompilationException - Exception in org.plovr
Base class for compilation errors.
CompilationException(String) - Constructor for exception org.plovr.CompilationException
CompilationException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception org.plovr.CompilationException
CompilationMode - Enum in org.plovr
CompilationMode specifies the values for the "mode" parameter.
CompilationServer - Class in org.plovr
CompilationServer(String, int) - Constructor for class org.plovr.CompilationServer
CompilationUtil - Class in org.plovr
compile(String, String) - Method in class org.plovr.CoffeeScriptCompiler
Compiles the string of CoffeeScript code to JavaScript.
compile(Config) - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
compile(Config) - Static method in class org.plovr.CompileRequestHandler
CompileRequestHandler - Class in org.plovr
CompileRequestHandler(CompilationServer) - Constructor for class org.plovr.CompileRequestHandler
CompilerPassFactory - Class in org.plovr
CompilerPassFactory instantiates CompilerPasses using reflection, based on the class names that are provided to the "custom-passes" option in a plovr config.
CompilerPassFactory(Class<?>) - Constructor for class org.plovr.CompilerPassFactory
compute(List<SoyData>) - Method in class org.plovr.soy.function.SubstringFunction
computeForJsSrc(List<JsExpr>) - Method in class org.plovr.soy.function.SubstringFunction
Config - Class in org.plovr
Config - Class in org.plovr.soy.server
Config(String, int, File, boolean, Map<String, ?>, boolean, boolean) - Constructor for class org.plovr.soy.server.Config
Config.Builder - Class in org.plovr
ConfigOption - Enum in org.plovr
ConfigOptionDocumentationGenerator - Class in org.plovr
ConfigOptionDocumentationGenerator is a class that generates HTML documentation for ConfigOption.
ConfigOptionDocumentationGenerator() - Constructor for class org.plovr.ConfigOptionDocumentationGenerator
ConfigParser - Class in org.plovr
ConfigParser extracts a Config from a JSON config file.
configure() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.function.PlovrModule
contains(File, File) - Static method in class org.plovr.FileUtil
containsConfigWithId(String) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
create(List<JSSourceFile>, List<JSSourceFile>) - Static method in class org.plovr.Compilation
createBuilderFromFile(File) - Static method in class org.plovr.ConfigParser
createCompilationError() - Method in exception org.plovr.CheckedCoffeeScriptCompilerException
createCompilationError() - Method in exception org.plovr.CheckedSoySyntaxException
createCompilationError() - Method in exception org.plovr.CircularDependencyException
createCompilationError() - Method in exception org.plovr.CompilationException
createCompilationError() - Method in exception org.plovr.MissingProvideException
createCompilerPass(AbstractCompiler, Config) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilerPassFactory
Creates an instance of the CompilerPass that this factory is designed to produce.
createFileWriter(File, Config) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Streams
As suggested by the FileWriter Javadoc, because we want to specify the character encoding, use this method to create a Writer for a File instead of creating a new FileWriter.
createFileWriter(String, Config) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Streams
As suggested by the FileWriter Javadoc, because we want to specify the character encoding, use this method to create a Writer for a File instead of creating a new FileWriter.
createForModules(List<JSSourceFile>, List<JSModule>) - Static method in class org.plovr.Compilation
createFromUri(URI) - Static method in class org.plovr.QueryData
createHandlerForCompilationServer(CompilationServer) - Method in enum org.plovr.Handler
createInjector(List<String>) - Static method in class org.plovr.SoyFile
createL10nFileWriter(File) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Streams
Special method to produce a Writer that will write localized files (i.e.
createModuleNameToUriFunction() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
createOutputStreamWriter(OutputStream, Config) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Streams
CustomPassConfig - Class in org.plovr
CustomPassConfig() - Constructor for class org.plovr.CustomPassConfig
CustomPassConfig.CustomPassConfigDeserializer - Class in org.plovr
Unfortunately, CustomPassConfig needs a custom deserializer because "class" is a Java keyword, so having a getClass() setter that returns a String is problematic.
CustomPassConfig.CustomPassConfigDeserializer() - Constructor for class org.plovr.CustomPassConfig.CustomPassConfigDeserializer


Descriptor - Interface in org.plovr.docgen
DescriptorPass - Class in org.plovr.docgen
DescriptorPass(AbstractCompiler, Config) - Constructor for class org.plovr.docgen.DescriptorPass
deserialize(JsonElement, Type, JsonDeserializationContext) - Method in class org.plovr.CustomPassConfig.CustomPassConfigDeserializer
DiagnosticGroupRegistrar - Interface in org.plovr
DiagnosticGroupUtil - Class in org.plovr
DiagnosticGroupUtil is a hack to work around the fact that not everything that plovr needs from DiagnosticGroups is exposed via its public API.
DocWriter - Class in org.plovr.docgen
DocWriter(File, Map<String, ClassDescriptor>, Map<String, LibraryDescriptor>) - Constructor for class org.plovr.docgen.DocWriter
doGet(HttpExchange, QueryData, Config) - Method in class org.plovr.CompileRequestHandler
doGet(HttpExchange, QueryData, Config) - Method in class org.plovr.InputFileHandler
doGet(HttpExchange, QueryData, Config) - Method in class org.plovr.ListHandler
doGet(HttpExchange, QueryData, Config) - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleHandler
doGet(HttpExchange, QueryData, Config) - Method in class org.plovr.ModulesHandler
doGet(HttpExchange, QueryData, Config) - Method in class org.plovr.TestHandler


EnumDescriptor - Class in org.plovr.docgen
EnumDescriptor.Builder - Class in org.plovr.docgen
EnumValueDescriptor - Class in org.plovr.docgen
EnumValueDescriptor(String, String) - Constructor for class org.plovr.docgen.EnumValueDescriptor
equals(Object) - Method in class org.plovr.LocalFileJsInput
equals(Object) - Method in class org.plovr.util.Pair
excludeModuleInfoFromRootModule() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
execute(String[]) - Method in enum org.plovr.cli.Command
ExtractCommand - Class in org.plovr.cli
ExtractCommand() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.ExtractCommand
ExtractCommandOptions - Class in org.plovr.cli
ExtractCommandOptions() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.ExtractCommandOptions


Files - Class in org.plovr.io
FileUtil - Class in org.plovr
FileUtil is a set of utilities for dealing with files.
forName(String) - Static method in class org.plovr.DiagnosticGroupUtil
forName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.PlovrDiagnosticGroups


getAccessLevel() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
getAccessLevel() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor
getAllConfigs() - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
getArguments() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.BuildCommandOptions
getArguments() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.ExtractCommandOptions
getArguments() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.JsDocCommandOptions
getArguments() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.ServeCommandOptions
getCharNumber() - Method in exception org.plovr.PlovrSoySyntaxException
getCircularDependency() - Method in exception org.plovr.CircularDependencyException
getClassName() - Method in class org.plovr.CustomPassConfig
getCode() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
getCode() - Method in class org.plovr.CoffeeFile
getCode() - Method in interface org.plovr.JsInput
getCode() - Method in class org.plovr.JsSourceFile
getCode() - Method in class org.plovr.ResourceJsInput
getCode() - Method in class org.plovr.SoyFile
getCodeForModule(String, boolean, Function<String, String>) - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getCodeForRootModule(boolean, Function<String, String>) - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getCoffeeScriptCompilerException() - Method in exception org.plovr.PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException
getCommandForName(String) - Static method in enum org.plovr.cli.Command
getCompilationErrors() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getCompilationMode() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getCompilationOrFail(CompilationServer, Config, boolean) - Static method in class org.plovr.CompilationUtil
Tries to return the most recent Compilation for the specified config.
getCompilationWarnings() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getCompiledCode() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getCompilerArguments(ModuleConfig) - Method in class org.plovr.Manifest
getCompilerOptions(PlovrClosureCompiler) - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getCompileTimeGlobals() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.Config
getCompileTimeGlobalsFile() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommandOptions
getConfigById(String) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
getConfigFile() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getContentDirectory() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.Config
getContext() - Method in enum org.plovr.Handler
getCustomPasses() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
getDependencies() - Method in class org.plovr.Manifest
getDeps() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor
getDescription() - Method in interface org.plovr.docgen.Descriptor
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumValueDescriptor
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor.Builder
getDescription() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor
getDiagnosticGroups() - Method in class org.plovr.PlovrClosureCompiler
getDir() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommandOptions
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.TypeExpression
The "plain name" of this type, so even though a supertype may reference a type expression which describes a non-null type (such as "!goog.Disposable"), it is often useful to get the type without the nullability modifier, so if this type expression represented "!goog.Disposable", this method would return "goog.Disposable".
getDocumentationOutputDirectory() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getExperimentalCompilerOptions() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
getExportsAsExternsFor(Config) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
getFirst(Iterable<T>) - Static method in class org.plovr.util.IterablesUtil
getFirst() - Method in class org.plovr.util.Pair
getGlobalScopeName() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getGzipSize(String) - Static method in class org.plovr.util.GzipUtil
getId() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getInput() - Method in exception org.plovr.CircularDependencyException
getInput() - Method in exception org.plovr.MissingProvideException
getInput() - Method in exception org.plovr.PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException
getInput() - Method in exception org.plovr.PlovrSoySyntaxException
getInputs() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getInputs() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo
getInputsInCompilationOrder() - Method in class org.plovr.Manifest
getInstance() - Static method in class org.plovr.CoffeeScriptCompiler
getInstanceMethodByName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
getInstanceMethods() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor
getInvertedDependencyTree() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
getJsContentType() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
The value of the Content-Type header to use when writing JavaScript content in response to an HTTP request.
getLastCompilation(Config) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
getLastValueForParam(String) - Method in class org.plovr.QueryData
getLevelForInfo(JSDocInfo, String, String, Map<String, ClassDescriptor.Builder>) - Static method in enum org.plovr.docgen.AccessLevel
className is only used if the JSDocInfo is for an instance method.
getLineNumber() - Method in exception org.plovr.CoffeeScriptCompilerException
getLineNumber() - Method in exception org.plovr.PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException
getLineNumber() - Method in exception org.plovr.PlovrSoySyntaxException
getListenAddress() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.ServeCommandOptions
getManifest() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getMessage() - Method in exception org.plovr.CheckedSoySyntaxException
getMessage() - Method in exception org.plovr.PlovrSoySyntaxException
getMissingProvide() - Method in exception org.plovr.MissingProvideException
getModuleConfig() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getModuleConfigBuilder() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
getModuleInfo(String) - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
getModuleInfoPath() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
getModuleNames() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
getModuleToOutputPath() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
getName() - Method in enum org.plovr.ConfigOption
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor
getName() - Method in interface org.plovr.docgen.Descriptor
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor.Builder
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumValueDescriptor
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor.Builder
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor.Builder
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor
getName() - Method in interface org.plovr.JsInput
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo
getName() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.function.SubstringFunction
getOutputCharset() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getOutputFile() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getOutputWrapper() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getOutputWrapperMarker() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getParam(String) - Method in class org.plovr.QueryData
getParamName() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.TypeExpression
A "param name" is how this type should be displayed as a parameter, which may include modifiers such as "?" or "=" to describe nullability or optionality, respectively.
getParams() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor
getParams() - Method in class org.plovr.QueryData
getPort() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.ServeCommandOptions
getPort() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommandOptions
getPort() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.Config
getProductionUri() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
getPropertyMapInputFile() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getPropertyMapOutputFile() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getProvides() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
getProvides() - Method in interface org.plovr.JsInput
getReferrer(HttpExchange) - Static method in class org.plovr.HttpUtil
getRegisteredGroups() - Method in class org.plovr.PlovrDiagnosticGroups
getRelativePathBase() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
Directory against which relative paths should be resolved.
getRequiredInputs() - Method in class org.plovr.Manifest
getRequires() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
getRequires() - Method in interface org.plovr.JsInput
getResult() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getReturnType() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
getReturnType() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor
getRevision(String) - Static method in class org.plovr.util.VersionUtil
getRootConfigFileContent() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getRootModule() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig
getRootModuleName() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getSecond() - Method in class org.plovr.util.Pair
getServerForExchange(HttpExchange) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
Returns the server name using an incoming request to this CompilationServer.
getSource() - Method in class org.plovr.LocalFileJsInput
getSourceMapFor(Config) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
getSourceMapPath() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.BuildCommandOptions
getSoyFunctionPlugins() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getStaticMethods() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor
getSuperClass() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
getSuperClass() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor
getTemplateCode() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
getTemplateCode() - Method in interface org.plovr.JsInput
getTemplateCode() - Method in class org.plovr.SoyFile
getTemplateName() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommandOptions
getTemplateName() - Method in exception org.plovr.PlovrSoySyntaxException
getTemplateToRender() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.Config
getTestExcludePaths() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getTestFile(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getTestTemplate() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getTreatWarningsAsErrors() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getTypedPercent() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
getTypeExpression() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor.Builder
getTypeExpression() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor
getValidArgsSizes() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.function.SubstringFunction
getVariableMapInputFile() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getVariableMapOutputFile() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getWarningLevel() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
getWhen() - Method in class org.plovr.CustomPassConfig
GLOBAL_SCOPE_NAME - Static variable in class org.plovr.Config
This is the name of the scope that all global variables will be put into if the global-scope-name argument is supplied in the plovr config.
GsonUtil - Class in org.plovr
GsonUtil provides utilities for working with Gson.
GzipUtil - Class in org.plovr.util


handle(HttpExchange) - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.RequestHandlerSelector
handle(HttpExchange) - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.SoyRequestHandler
Handler - Enum in org.plovr
Handler is an enumeration of HttpHandlers that are registered with the CompilationServer.
hash(String, Charset) - Static method in class org.plovr.Md5Util
hashCode() - Method in class org.plovr.LocalFileJsInput
hashCode() - Method in class org.plovr.util.Pair
hashJs(String) - Static method in class org.plovr.Md5Util
hasInputChanged() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
hasInputChanged() - Method in class org.plovr.LocalFileJsInput
hasModules() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
hasResult() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
hasSoyFunctionPlugins() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
htmlEscape(String) - Static method in class org.plovr.util.HtmlUtil
HtmlUtil - Class in org.plovr.util
HttpServerUtil - Class in org.plovr.cli
HttpServerUtil is a collection of utilities for dealing with HttpServer objects.
HttpUtil - Class in org.plovr


indexPagesAreEnabled() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.Config
InfoCommand - Class in org.plovr.cli
InfoCommand() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.InfoCommand
InfoCommandOptions - Class in org.plovr.cli
InfoCommandOptions() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.InfoCommandOptions
InputFileHandler - Class in org.plovr
InputFileHandler serves the content of input files to a compilation.
InputFileHandler(CompilationServer) - Constructor for class org.plovr.InputFileHandler
isOutOfDate() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
isSafeMode() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommandOptions
isSafeMode() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.Config
isSoyFile() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
isSoyFile() - Method in interface org.plovr.JsInput
isSoyFile() - Method in class org.plovr.SoyFile
isStatic() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommandOptions
isStatic() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.Config
IterablesUtil - Class in org.plovr.util
IterablesUtil has methods that are not available in Iterables.


JsDocCommand - Class in org.plovr.cli
JsDocCommand() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.JsDocCommand
JsDocCommandOptions - Class in org.plovr.cli
JsDocCommandOptions() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.JsDocCommandOptions
JsInput - Interface in org.plovr
JsInput represents a JavaScript input to the Closure Compiler.
JsInputComparator - Class in org.plovr
jsonToSoyData(JsonElement) - Static method in class org.plovr.util.SoyDataUtil
JsSourceFile - Class in org.plovr
JsSourceFile represents a JavaScript file.


LibraryDescriptor - Class in org.plovr.docgen
LibraryDescriptor(String, String, List<MethodDescriptor>) - Constructor for class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor
LibraryDescriptor.Builder - Class in org.plovr.docgen
ListHandler - Class in org.plovr
ListHandler(CompilationServer) - Constructor for class org.plovr.ListHandler
LocalFileJsInput - Class in org.plovr
LocalFileJsInput represents a JavaScript input to the Closure Compiler that can be read from a local file.


Main - Class in org.plovr.cli
Main kicks off the plovr buildr.
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.plovr.cli.Main
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.plovr.ConfigOptionDocumentationGenerator
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.plovr.i18n.PseudoTranslator
Manifest - Class in org.plovr
Manifest represents an ordered list of JavaScript inputs to the Closure Compiler, along with a set of externs.
Md5Util - Class in org.plovr
Md5Util provides a nice API for getting the MD5 hash of a string.
MethodDescriptor - Class in org.plovr.docgen
MethodDescriptor.Builder - Class in org.plovr.docgen
MissingProvideException - Exception in org.plovr
ModuleConfig - Class in org.plovr
ModuleConfig.BadDependencyTreeException - Exception in org.plovr
ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo - Class in org.plovr
ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo() - Constructor for class org.plovr.ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo
ModuleHandler - Class in org.plovr
ModuleHandler(CompilationServer) - Constructor for class org.plovr.ModuleHandler
ModulesHandler - Class in org.plovr
ModulesHandler provides a visualization of the modules as an SVG.
ModulesHandler(CompilationServer) - Constructor for class org.plovr.ModulesHandler


of(F, S) - Static method in class org.plovr.util.Pair
org.plovr - package org.plovr
The core of plovr.
org.plovr.cli - package org.plovr.cli
These classes implement the command-line interface for plovr.
org.plovr.docgen - package org.plovr.docgen
org.plovr.i18n - package org.plovr.i18n
Utilities to help with i18n and l10n.
org.plovr.io - package org.plovr.io
Standard set of I/O utilities to ensure that files are written and read with the appropriate charset.
org.plovr.soy.function - package org.plovr.soy.function
org.plovr.soy.server - package org.plovr.soy.server
A simple server that dynamically recompiles Soy files and serves their content in response to HTTP requests.
org.plovr.util - package org.plovr.util
General utilities for use throughout plovr.


Pair<F,S> - Class in org.plovr.util
ParamDescriptor - Class in org.plovr.docgen
ParamDescriptor.Builder - Class in org.plovr.docgen
parseFile(File) - Static method in class org.plovr.ConfigParser
PlovrClosureCompiler - Class in org.plovr
PlovrClosureCompiler subclasses Compiler so that its PlovrClosureCompiler.getDiagnosticGroups() method can be overridden to return a PlovrDiagnosticGroups, which is a DiagnosticGroups that can be modified from outside the com.google.javascript.jscomp package.
PlovrClosureCompiler() - Constructor for class org.plovr.PlovrClosureCompiler
PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException - Exception in org.plovr
PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException is a wrapper for a CoffeeScriptCompilerException that contains information specific to plovr, such as the JsInput that was responsible for the exception.
PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException(CoffeeScriptCompilerException, JsInput) - Constructor for exception org.plovr.PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException
PlovrDiagnosticGroups - Class in org.plovr
PlovrDiagnosticGroups() - Constructor for class org.plovr.PlovrDiagnosticGroups
PlovrModule - Class in org.plovr.soy.function
Guice module for Plovr Soy functions.
PlovrModule() - Constructor for class org.plovr.soy.function.PlovrModule
PlovrSoySyntaxException - Exception in org.plovr
PlovrSoySyntaxException wraps a SoySyntaxException so that it can display a plovr-specific error message.
PlovrSoySyntaxException(SoySyntaxException, JsInput) - Constructor for exception org.plovr.PlovrSoySyntaxException
printListeningStatus(HttpServer) - Static method in class org.plovr.cli.HttpServerUtil
process(Node, Node) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.DescriptorPass
processProvidesAndRequires() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
provides - Variable in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
PseudoTranslator - Class in org.plovr.i18n
PseudoTranslator translates an English string into a "pseudo-English" string which contains characters that are slightly different than the original English characters.


QueryData - Class in org.plovr
QueryData represents the query parameters in a URI.


recordCompilation(Config, Compilation) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
Records the last compilation for the config.
redirect(HttpExchange, String) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Responses
registerConfig(Config) - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
registerDiagnosticGroupsWith(PlovrDiagnosticGroups) - Method in interface org.plovr.DiagnosticGroupRegistrar
registerGroup(String, DiagnosticGroup) - Method in class org.plovr.PlovrDiagnosticGroups
registerGroup(String, DiagnosticType...) - Method in class org.plovr.PlovrDiagnosticGroups
registerGroup(String, DiagnosticGroup...) - Method in class org.plovr.PlovrDiagnosticGroups
RequestHandlerSelector - Class in org.plovr.soy.server
RequestHandlerSelector selects the HttpHandler to use to respond to a request based on the path.
RequestHandlerSelector(Config) - Constructor for class org.plovr.soy.server.RequestHandlerSelector
requires - Variable in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
reset(Config.Builder) - Method in enum org.plovr.ConfigOption
Reset the values associated with this option in the specified builder.
resetChecks() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetCustomPasses() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetDefines() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetExperimentalCompilerOptions() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetExterns() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetIdGenerators() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetInputs() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetModuleConfigBuilder() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetPaths() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetSoyFunctionPlugins() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetStripNameSuffixes() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetStripTypePrefixes() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
resetTestExcludePaths() - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
ResourceJsInput - Class in org.plovr
ResourceJsInput represents a JavaScript file loaded from a JAR, so it will never change, so its dependencies must only be read once.
Responses - Class in org.plovr.io
return404(HttpExchange) - Static method in class org.plovr.HttpUtil
run() - Method in class org.plovr.CompilationServer
run() - Method in class org.plovr.soy.server.Server
runCommand(String[]) - Method in interface org.plovr.cli.CommandRunner
runCommandWithOptions(ServeCommandOptions) - Method in class org.plovr.cli.ServeCommand


ServeCommand - Class in org.plovr.cli
ServeCommand() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.ServeCommand
ServeCommandOptions - Class in org.plovr.cli
ServeCommandOptions() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.ServeCommandOptions
Server - Class in org.plovr.soy.server
Server for SoyWeb.
Server(Config) - Constructor for class org.plovr.soy.server.Server
setAccessLevel(AccessLevel) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
setAmbiguateProperties(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setCacheHeaders(Headers) - Method in class org.plovr.InputFileHandler
setCheckLevelsForDiagnosticGroups(Map<String, CheckLevel>) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
Each key in groups should correspond to a DiagnosticGroup; however, a key cannot map to a DiagnosticGroup yet because custom compiler passes may add their own entries to the PlovrDiagnosticGroups collection, which is not populated until the CompilerOptions are created.
setClassName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.CustomPassConfig
setCompilationMode(CompilationMode) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setConfigFile(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setCustomExternsOnly(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setCustomPasses(ListMultimap<CustomPassExecutionTime, CompilerPassFactory>) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setDebugOptions(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setDeps(List<String>) - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo
setDescription(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
setDescription(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor.Builder
setDescription(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor.Builder
setDescription(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
setDescription(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor.Builder
setDisambiguateProperties(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setDocumentationOutputDirectory(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setExcludeClosureLibrary(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setExperimentalCompilerOptions(JsonObject) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setExportTestFunctions(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setFingerprintJsFiles(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setGlobalScopeName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setId(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setIdGenerators(Set<String>) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setInputs(List<String>) - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo
setName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
setName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor.Builder
setName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor.Builder
setName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
setName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor.Builder
setName(String) - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo
setOutputCharset(Charset) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setOutputFile(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setOutputWrapper(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setPathToClosureLibrary(String) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setPrettyPrint(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setPrintInputDelimiter(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setPropertyMapInputFile(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setPropertyMapOutputFile(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setReturnType(TypeExpression) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor.Builder
setStripNameSuffixes(Set<String>) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setStripTypePrefixes(Set<String>) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setSuperClass(TypeExpression) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor.Builder
setTestTemplate(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
Settings - Class in org.plovr.io
setTreatWarningsAsErrors(boolean) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setType(JSTypeExpression, AbstractCompiler) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.TypeExpression.Builder
setTypeExpression(TypeExpression) - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor.Builder
setVariableMapInputFile(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setVariableMapOutputFile(File) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setWarningLevel(WarningLevel) - Method in class org.plovr.Config.Builder
setWhen(CustomPassExecutionTime) - Method in class org.plovr.CustomPassConfig
shouldFingerprintJsFiles() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
showHelp() - Method in class org.plovr.cli.AbstractCommandOptions
SINGLETON - Static variable in class org.plovr.JsInputComparator
SoyDataUtil - Class in org.plovr.util
SoyFile - Class in org.plovr
JsSourceFile represents a Soy file.
SoyRequestHandler - Class in org.plovr.soy.server
SoyRequestHandler handles a request for a Soy file and prints the contents of its base template, if available.
SoyRequestHandler(Config) - Constructor for class org.plovr.soy.server.SoyRequestHandler
SoyWebCommand - Class in org.plovr.cli
SoyWebCommand() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommand
SoyWebCommandOptions - Class in org.plovr.cli
SoyWebCommandOptions() - Constructor for class org.plovr.cli.SoyWebCommandOptions
Streams - Class in org.plovr.io
STRING_TO_JSON_PRIMITIVE - Static variable in class org.plovr.GsonUtil
stringOrNull(JsonElement) - Static method in class org.plovr.GsonUtil
If element is a JsonPrimitive that corresponds to a string, then return the value of that string; otherwise, return null.
SubstringFunction - Class in org.plovr.soy.function
From "Defining a Custom Function" in "Closure: The Definitive Guide"


TestHandler - Class in org.plovr
TestHandler(CompilationServer) - Constructor for class org.plovr.TestHandler
TO_SOY_DATA - Static variable in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumValueDescriptor
TO_SOY_DATA - Static variable in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor
TO_SOY_DATA - Static variable in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor
toListOfStrings(JsonElement) - Static method in class org.plovr.GsonUtil
toSoyData() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ClassDescriptor
toSoyData() - Method in interface org.plovr.docgen.Descriptor
toSoyData() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumDescriptor
toSoyData() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.EnumValueDescriptor
toSoyData() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.LibraryDescriptor
toSoyData() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.MethodDescriptor
toSoyData() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.ParamDescriptor
toString() - Method in class org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
toString() - Method in enum org.plovr.cli.Command
toString() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
toString() - Method in class org.plovr.Config
toString(File) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Files
toString() - Method in class org.plovr.ModuleConfig.ModuleInfo
toString() - Method in class org.plovr.util.Pair
translate(String) - Static method in class org.plovr.i18n.PseudoTranslator
translateXlf(File, File) - Static method in class org.plovr.i18n.PseudoTranslator
translateXlf(InputStream, Writer) - Static method in class org.plovr.i18n.PseudoTranslator
TypeExpression - Class in org.plovr.docgen
TypeExpression.Builder - Class in org.plovr.docgen


update(Config.Builder, JsonElement) - Method in enum org.plovr.ConfigOption
update(Config.Builder, QueryData) - Method in enum org.plovr.ConfigOption
update(Config, QueryData) - Static method in class org.plovr.ConfigParser
usesModules() - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.plovr.cli.Command
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.plovr.CompilationMode
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.plovr.ConfigOption
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.plovr.docgen.AccessLevel
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.plovr.Handler
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum org.plovr.cli.Command
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Static method in enum org.plovr.CompilationMode
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Static method in enum org.plovr.ConfigOption
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Static method in enum org.plovr.docgen.AccessLevel
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Static method in enum org.plovr.Handler
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
VersionUtil - Class in org.plovr.util
VersionUtil is a utility for reporting the version numbers for various components of plovr.


write() - Method in class org.plovr.docgen.DocWriter
write(String, File) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Files
writeCompiledCodeToFiles(Function<String, String>, String) - Method in class org.plovr.Compilation
Writes out all of the module files.
writeErrorMessageResponse(HttpExchange, String) - Static method in class org.plovr.HttpUtil
Returns a 400 with the specified message.
writeHtml(String, HttpExchange) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Responses
writeHtmlErrorMessageResponse(HttpExchange, String, int) - Static method in class org.plovr.HttpUtil
writeHtmlErrorMessageResponse(HttpExchange, String) - Static method in class org.plovr.HttpUtil
Returns a 400 with the specified HTML message.
writeJs(String, Config, HttpExchange) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Responses
Writes a 200 response with the specified JavaScript content using the appropriate headers and character encoding.
writeNotFound(HttpExchange) - Static method in class org.plovr.HttpUtil
writeNullResponse(HttpExchange) - Static method in class org.plovr.HttpUtil
Returns a 400 with no message.
writePlainText(String, HttpExchange) - Static method in class org.plovr.io.Responses